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Whether you were hired or promoted into a leadership position, no doubt you had a vision for what you thought the journey would entail. As you have progressed on your journey, you have come to realize that leadership is full of challenges, twists and turns. How will you navigate the pressures and demands of leadership from above you with your own development goals? Is there a way to thrive as a leader and as an organization?

We’ve been there. We know the pressures and challenges. We can walk with you on the journey to help you realize your purpose in leadership. To help you lead different. To lead with integrity. You are not alone.


Our customized Leader’s Journey Coaching package allows you to engage with our highly-skilled and experienced team of leaders/coaches in a one-on-one environment and co-create your personal leadership development plan. You will have access to powerful leadership assessment tools to help you see areas of strength and areas of growth. Your coach will walk with you to refine your skills and learn new ones to more effectively lead yourself, your team, and your organization. Renew your passion, your vision, your purpose.

The Leader’s Journey Coaching package includes:

  • Access to our proprietary assessments
  • Custom designed leadership development plan
  • One-on-one Coaching
  • Strategic plan for team development
  • Exclusive content

Let’s set up a time to talk about your situation and see if we are a good fit for each other.

The Noble Wonder Leadership Coaching package allows leaders and their teams to access our powerful assessment tools, MindSuite and Basadur (see full descriptions below). Each of these tools helps leaders and their teams understand more clearly, areas of alignment and misalignment and how that is impacting the progress of the team and organization. Together with the Noble Wonder team of highly-skilled and experienced leaders/coaches, you will co-create a development plan and strategy to address areas of misalignment to bring the team and organization to thriving health.

Whether you are on the Board of Directors, the C-Suite, or leading a team within the organization, the Noble Wonder Leadership Coaching package will bring clarity of strategy, clarity of vision, and clarity of purpose. Your organization will be more productive, more engaging, and more profitable.

The Noble Wonder Leadership Coaching package includes:

  • Access to the MindSuite GPS and Basadur assessments
  • Custom designed personal leadership development plan
  • Custom designed team development plan
  • One-on-one Executive Coaching
  • Access to our exclusive Wondershops
  • Exclusive content from the Noble Wonder Learning Center
  • Exclusive tools for growth

Reach out today and let’s set up a time to talk. Together we will discover if we are a good fit to work together to bring out the best in your leadership and that of your team.



All organizations are challenged to visualize, communicate, and achieve a future that works. The MindSuite GPS and Basadur Profile allows leadership to clearly identify issues that limit their effectiveness and understand where there is alignment and misalignment among team members.

This intuitive instrument enables leadership, organizations, and teams to identify, align, and optimize their ‘Human Element’ for innovation and performance. This tool simplifies the complex people environment and provides non-debatable analytics to leverage areas that support innovation and productivity, identify problematic areas, and reveal misalignment between divisions, functions, departments, and teams.

Unlike current engagement studies, which are akin to a road atlas and occur infrequently, the MindSuite tool engages multiple stakeholders and functions like a GPS to provide leaders with real time, ongoing, accessible and evolving measurements.

MindSuite enables the same level of visibility about people performance that you have with your operating and financial systems. Diagnose what is working, what is in need of improvement, where there is misalignment, why it is occurring and how to continuously improve. 





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The Basadur Profile assessment reveals each individual’s problem-solving style and how it impacts their performance, working relationships, and ability to drive innovation forward. This information helps leaders understand their teams more clearly, how to optimize their performance, and build collaborative and innovative teams.

Taken together, the MindSuite and the Basadur provide leaders and teams with powerful tools to give real time data and analytics on the state of the team, strengths, areas of growth, and innovative potential. Realize the full potential of your own vision and purpose and the higher purpose of the organization and the impact you can make in the world around you.

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