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Join the Noble Wonder team of leaders and their special guest for the Leader’s Forum: Conversations From The Edge. This is a bi-weekly, unique, provocative, and values-driven conversation about leadership topics you face everyday. Listen in and then have an opportunity to give your thoughts and ask your questions of the team. Be inspired. Be challenged. Be a part of something that moves your leadership forward in a positive way.


  • Be real.
  • Be honest.
  • Be respectful.  (there are plenty of ways to disagree with someone without being disrespectful and demeaning)
  • No selling / gratuitous self-promotion by guests.
  • This is a conservative values-based group.
  • Watch the level of political propaganda and views.
  • Bring your real experience to the table.
  • Heart/attitude of giving & serving each other.


A Leader's SWEET Spot

Are you in your sweet spot? As a leader, can you find that place and sustain it? Understanding the process and continued growth on the journey to your highest and best is the topic of this week’s Conversations From The Edge with special guest Brett Labit. Join the team at Noble Wonder as we explore how to focus on the mastery of inner-action and inter-action.

About Brett:

Brett Labit is a serial entrepreneur, innovator, public speaker, and coach.  He currently resides in Scottsdale, Arizona where he owns one art gallery and Sedona, Arizona where he owns another.  He has successfully turned distressed companies around and brought innovative ideas to life.  He has also  helped young people start small businesses and pursue their passions to find fulfillment.

Brett is passionate about coaching and mentoring individuals and organizations on how to build and sustain their own thriving tribes.  He plans on dedicating most of his energy to empowering individuals to further develop their tribes, creating positive social, economic, and relational changes.

SPecial guest:

Brett Labit

Motivational Speaker | Coach | Consultant at


Gen-Z & the Next Wave of Innovation

Understanding the next generation of workers, Generation Z, is going to be critical if you want to build an organization that is innovative, globally competitive, and able to retain top talent. See how this knowledge ties into your current leadership and team development plans as the team at Noble Wonder, along with special guest, Rick Ornelas from I Spark Change, take on this important leadership topic. Join in the conversation!

SPecial guest:

Rick Ornelas


the full conversation



Most businesses understand the value of targeted and defined KPIs (Key Performance Indicators). Very few businesses think about the value of KCIs (Key Character Indicators) and the value they play on an organization as a whole and the outcomes of KPIs. In this live episode of Conversations From The Edge, we delve into KCIs, their importance and how to identify the KCIs your business or organization should entertain as part of its mission and vision.

the full conversation


The Power of Living from Mission to Vision

You’ve spent a lot of time understanding and communicating your purpose. But how do you take your purpose and mission and move it forward as a vision for the organization or your team? Learn from top leaders in the industry as they unpack this important leadership skill and how to apply it to move your organization or team forward.



What great leaders need to do in 2022

the simplicity (and profitability) of Re-imagining the vision of your culture

The world has been turned upside down by so many factors in 2020 & 2021. Now that we head back to normalcy, what should great leaders be focusing on for the future growth and success of their teams and organization?

Re-imagining the vision of your culture is an amazing starting point and it is easier to implement than you realize. Join us as we discuss the who, what, where, when and why of re-imaging your culture for great team connectivity and greater profitability!

Join us today with the Noble Wonder Leaders’ Forum, Conversations from the Edge.

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The spirit of the season:

Is there room for spirituality in the workplace?

You work in a world where people have a wide variety of backgrounds, experiences, faiths, and spirituality. Is it okay to talk about those things at work? Are you tired of being “tolerant?” Is there any way to have civil discourse anymore?

Jump in for an engaging discussion of the holiday season, family, faith, relationships, and whether these parts of our lives have any place in our work.

Join us today with the Noble Wonder Leaders’ Forum, Conversations from the Edge.

the full conversation


How do you know if your workplace culture sucks?

No doubt, as a top leader in your organization, you are confident that your culture has no issues, right? But then again…

Why can’t you find people to fill the jobs you have open? Why can’t you keep your best employees? Why isn’t your team functioning at a high level?

Is there any way to measure this so you can know for sure?

Join us today and find out with the Noble Wonder Leaders’ Forum, Conversations from the Edge.

SPecial guest:

Wayne Clancy



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